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Are you breaking Facebook’s rules without knowing it?

If you run a Facebook Page and handle your own social media marketing efforts, it’s possible that you may be breaking Facebook’s Page Guidelines. Facebook’s guidelines are lengthy and can be tedious to read through, but there are a few rules you need to be aware of that get broken every day by many local businesses.

For example, when hosting a contest or promotion, pages are not allowed to ask their fans to tag their friends, share posts, or anything else that will involve someone else’s personal timeline. Pages are allowed to ask them to like and comment on the post however. I see local businesses’ Facebook Pages frequently using these contests to garner popularity frequently, not knowing that it is technically not allowed.

Knowledge of these rules and guidelines are what makes having a marketing team behind you so attractive. A dedicated team will ensure that your Facebook Page is following all of Facebook’s guidelines. If you want to read more about the guidelines associated with Facebook pages, click on the link below:

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